{solsc} 19/31 #sol18 The Story of … a Monday Snow Day

It starts as a 2-hour delay, so I turn off the alarm.

I awake to the brightening sky.

School is now closed… the potential for the day opens up before me.

I’ll start with by making a hot breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sticky buns.

I’ll get that cleaning finished.

I’ll finish that pile of grading.

I’ll go to the gym when it is light outside!

I’ll bake with Hayden.

I’ll help Brennan hang pictures in his room, finally.

I’ll make meals to freeze for busy school nights.

I’ll take Reagan for a long walk around the neighborhood.

I’ll get in some extra writing!

The beauty of snow days is that they are unexpected.  A Monday snow day is extra special. Everything that needed to be ready for the busy week ahead is done… the kitchen is stocked with food after trips to the commissary, Trader Joes, and Costco, the laundry is done, and the house is picked up after the craziness of last week.  It’s a fresh new start and it is so nice to be able to move in slow motion today.

But first, coffee.

4 thoughts on “{solsc} 19/31 #sol18 The Story of … a Monday Snow Day

  1. Such a great attitude about a snow day. I think at this point I might just lay down and cry if we got snow instead of Spring!!!

  2. A gift… but like someone else already said, I’d rather a spring or summer day at this point. We are looking at the potential of another snow day Later this week in CT. We’ve had 3 in March so far. Bring on the sunshine!

  3. I love Monday snow days – although I have to say right now I am tired of snow and snow days. I am looking to spring but so glad you enjoyed yours!!

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