{solsc} 16/31 #sol18 The Story of … Unexpected Gifts

Surprisingly, there is a 2-inch layer of snow on the ground this morning as I wake. It is heavy and wet as a spring snow should be.  It covers the grass, trees, and bushes.  I write this at 4:30 am.  When the sun comes up, the tiny crystals will glitter like diamonds against the blue Colorado sky.  My teammate and I talked about how it was going to rain last night, but the snow was a bright and stark surprise following a day in the 50s.  This Colorado winter has been extremely dry, so we are grateful for the snow.

The surprise of snow has got me thinking that sometimes things, opportunities, and events come to us in different forms that we anticipated.  Yet, I wonder if that is the lesson we are meant to learn.  We expected rain and snow appeared… still much needed moisture, just in a different form.

How many times has something come along that we needed and yet we didn’t even notice it because we were so set on expecting something else?  Have we let that gift pass us by without even another glance?  Is this the lesson of the SOLSC?  Is this the importance of being a writer who notices the world around him/her?

One thought on “{solsc} 16/31 #sol18 The Story of … Unexpected Gifts

  1. I do believe this is one of the gifts of looking at the world like a writer. What a beautiful way to frame such a big question.

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