{solsc} 13/31 #sol18 The Story of… my Three Favorite Spaces

  1. The Lake House in Upstate New York – The Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY is something to see in the summer. The rolling hills are lush and green, small farm stands litter the road, and wineries bustle with bus tours.  Every summer, my children and I visit from Colorado.  I always marvel at the towering deciduous trees.  My dad and stepmom have a house on the lake and it is the perfect place to reunite with my family.  We play all day outside and have the most amazing conversations on the porch at night as we watch the sunset.   It is a magical place that I am so grateful my children get to enjoy.
  2. My classroom – It is FAR from perfect. The building is old and the thermostat never quite gets the temperature right, but the energy of the space is amazing.  I have no interactive technology; just a TV and doc camera to project to my students.   We have new tables rather than desks which are wonderful for collaboration.  Each year, I tweak little things to make the space more inviting as well as functional.  The important thing to know about my classroom is that it is the people that make it amazing.
  3. Home (see my homebody post here) My home is where my family is.  To me, it is a place of safety, comfort, and love.  The four of us (five counting the dog) each have our own little areas we enjoy and together we love to watch movies, read, write, and just be.  It is quiet, peaceful, warm, and fun.

4 thoughts on “{solsc} 13/31 #sol18 The Story of… my Three Favorite Spaces

  1. All of these places sound great. I loved that your classroom is all about the people. That seemed to ring true for all of the places you described.

  2. I love reading about the places you find special. I’ll need to write about my places soon as I have read other posts like yours. I love the family picture!

  3. Beautiful post. I can tell how special each of these places is to you. Being an east coast girl (NJ) I find it fascinating that we do the opposite in the summer! I leave the east to visit the west (son in CA) and you leave CO (one of my favorite places) to visit NY (home to my summers as a girl).

    • That is interesting! I grew up in Upstate NY and the contrast to Colorado always amazes me. The humidity is the biggest difference!!! My skin gets to recover and rehydrate. lol!

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